At BUR on-site parking service includes Valet parking, parking Lots D and E, and short-term parking. At Winona Avenue and Hollywood Way, Remote parking Lot A is situated. On Hollywood Way at the Northside of Burton Avenue, there is Remote parking Lot B. Concerning the Remote Parking Lot C, and it is located on Thornton Avenue West side of Ontario Street. Payments are accepted via Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Debit Card.

The Bob Hope Airport provides airport shuttle transfer between parking Lots A, B, C, D, and terminal building. Passengers should reach the shuttle stop at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Hollywood Way.

BUR Valet Parking

The Valet parking rates are $3 for 30 minutes, 7$ for 45 minutes, 13$ - one hour, with a daily maximum of 24$.

BUR Economy Lots A

Parking for 1 hour -$3, 2 hour- $5, daily maximum $10.

BUR Economy Lot C

Parking 1 hour- $3, 2 hour- $5, daily max- $12


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