Bob Hope Airport has only two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B joined together within the same building. Terminal A has nine boarding gates numbered as A1 - A9, and Terminal B has five boarding gates numbered B1 - B5.

The Main Terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport is divided into a Center Core, and Terminals are named as TA and TB (referred to as Terminal A boarding gate to the right-side and Terminal B boarding gate to the left-side. The Main terminal of Bob Hope Airport, also referred to as Center Core, houses the following facilities: customer service booth, information kiosk. Also, there are parking pay stations, ATMs, lost & found, police station, a newsstand, rental car counters, hotel and motel phone center, and ticket counters. The ground transportation and the Valet Parking Center are located outside of the Main. Along with several shops and retail services, the gate area offers nine electric charging stations for the convenience of the traveling public.

Terminal A is served by the following airlines: Alaska, American, Southwest, and JetBlue airlines. The building provides a baggage claim area, airline ticket counters 1-5, express parking pay stations for Valet and Self-Parking, and the security checkpoint gates A1-A9.

Terminal B is served by Delta and United airlines. The complex terminal houses rental car counters, a baggage claim area, airline ticket counters 6-7, and security checkpoint gates B1-B5.


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